In the realm of videos online, three social media platforms come to my mind: YouTube, Twitch, and Vimeo. While all of these platforms deal with distributing video content, each one is very unique and serves a different purpose. So to get started, here are a few facts about each platform.


  • Video sharing platform that boasts over 1 billion users
  • Very diverse audience that spans many different age groups across the world
  • Mainly used for watching pre-recorded content, but does have live streaming capabilities
  • Introduction of YouTube Red offers advertisement free content and offline viewing
  • Owned by Google


  • Live streaming platform that has over 100 million unique monthly users
  • The audience primarily consists of millennials (71% of registered users)
  • Mainly used for live streaming content, but does have a “past broadcasts” archive
  • 58% of users spend more than 20 hours per week watching videos
  • Owned by Amazon


  • Video sharing platform with over 35 million registered users
  • A more niche audience that focus on film quality
  • Mainly used for sharing videos in a more professional setting
  • There are no advertisements on Vimeo videos
  • Private videos can be password protected for easier sharing

So which one is the best? To give a completely unsatisfying answer, it depends. All three platforms have their strengths and weaknesses. Deciding which platform to use depends on the content being distributed, who the content is supposed to reach, and what purpose the content is supposed to be there for.

YouTube is probably the best platform for beginners because of the ease of use and prominence that YouTube holds in the video sharing world. YouTube is also an awesome platform because it integrates well with content all over the internet. YouTube is also good because the diversity of the users means that there should always be an audience for almost any content produced.

Twitch is a really good platform for building a community. I have seen many Twitch streamers that, on top of producing content for the people watching the stream, work to directly interact with their viewers. Some streamers let viewers play games with them, some streamers develop special emotes and animations that the chat can activate by doing certain actions, and Twitch has even made it so that the viewers can directly play games certain games through entering commands into the chat.

Vimeo also has many benefits. One advantage is that Vimeo is a good place for content creators to develop portfolios of their work. Vimeo is also a good platform for filmmakers with a low budget to be able to distribute their work at a low cost. Vimeo’s password protected private videos and lack of advertisements are also really nice features that help to set Vimeo apart as a video sharing platform.

YouTube, Twitch, and Vimeo are all popular platforms that have their specific audiences and uses. They each have strengths and weaknesses, and they are all working to continually grow and evolve to better suit the needs of their viewers.


Which Way Would You Watch?
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