When my group was assigned the task of creating a media experience, there were a lot of ideas. After a bit of discussion, we finally decided to make a video of us visiting different places to eat and have fun in Springfield. However, what followed was a flurry of realizations, snap decisions, and adaptations that made the project much more than a media experience.

What went well…

I’m not saying everything went wrong with the project. On the contrary, there were many positives experiences during our group project. One of the big positives was that we were able to take class time to visit breakfast places to get our footage. It automatically brightens your morning when you know you are going to eat a good breakfast that day.

Another positive was that, as a group, we communicated well and made every effort to make sure that everyone in the group was able to make it to the places we visited. Our group also had a really good dynamic. As we enjoyed the locales and the food, we also got to enjoy hanging out and making the video.

Not so well…

As with anything, our project did not go exactly as planned. The biggest problem our group faced was that we initially tried to tackle too much material. During our first discussion we had six places that we were going to visit. We realized this was ambitious and cut it down to four places. After we visited our first breakfast place, we realized that we were still trying to do too much, and we cut the project to two locations.

The other big problem we faced was scheduling times to film. The only times we were all free was during our in-class work time. This also contributed to us cutting back to two breakfast locations.

Could’ve been better…

If we were to do the project again, I think it would be good to outline what footage we wanted to get from the locations we visited. We did well with coming up with creative shots and taking footage that suited the video well, but, since we didn’t have a shot list, we worried that we were forgetting something. Other than that, there were no major things I would change.

Overall, it was a really good project. I also think that everyone in the group enjoyed getting a couple of good breakfasts late in the semester.



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