With the increasing amount of content on the internet, there’s also been an increase in online advertisments. Subsequently, since a lot of people don’t want to waste time with ads, there has been an increase in the use of ad blocking programs. NPR recently published an article discussing ad blocking and its effect on publishers, and while I agree that ads can be annoying and inconvenient, I am absolutely against ad blocking programs like Adblock Plus.

The main reason I’m against ad blocking is because it takes away money from the publishers producing the content. This is especially worrying considering how many content creators use the monetization of their videos as their primary source of income.

Take, for example, popular YouTube content creator Stephen Georg. Georg manages multiple YouTube channels including StephenPlays and StephenVlog as well as helping his wife with her own YouTube channel. YouTube is Georg’s primary source of income, and he relies on the money he gets from his videos to pay his bills and support his family. If Georg didn’t have the income from his videos, he wouldn’t be able to produce as much content or be able to interact with and foster a positive community of “Stephenites”.

By no means is Georg the only example of this either. Content creators across multiple platforms use video streaming/creating as their livelihood, and ad blocking is a legitimate concern that they worry about. Many of the content creators I personally watch are very forward in asking that their viewers not use Adblock.

I know people who would argue that one person doesn’t make a difference, but it was reported that there are 198 million active Adblock users across the world. People may also argue that Adblock doesn’t hurt anyone, but it’s estimated that publishers lost $22 billion in 2015 due to ad blocking.

Even if people don’t realize it, there are serious consequences to using Adblock. It hurts the publishers that rely on ads for revenue, and that can in turn hurt the content consumer who relies on the publisher for entertainment, information, etc. So next time you’re tempted to use Adblock, or other ad blocking programs, remember that you need advertisements just as much as publishers do.

Ad Blocking Blocks More than Just Ads
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